what is wild light?

The wild light is the light that lives on the edges of day and night, or the long, evening angles of light in autumn and spring that infuses everything with otherworldly magic. It's the place where the veil between worlds is thin, where we can look fully at ourselves with a little less fear and connect to those who live on the other side. It's the light of campfires and the light of thunderstorms, of sunrise and sunset. These are the in-between places of the light, and we've been mesmerized by them since we became human.

I believe it also lives within us: our beautiful bodies are the vessels for the wild light, like a flame in a lantern.

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what is her wild light?

"Her wild light" refers to me: I come here in service of you and the world, with not just "love and light," but with my wild light, where my light and shadow weave together. I want to teach you to find your wild light, and that's what I hope to do here through my writing and other offerings. 


who are you?

My name is Frankie Rose, and I'm a queer, non-binary, anti-racist and pro-trans femme living near Baltimore. I grew up in a working class family with complex relational dynamics, and worked in outdoor recreation and wildlife rehabilitation for years. Now I've shifted my focus towards becoming a mental health clinician. I'm passionate about psychoeducation and dismantling mental health stigma, especially around depression and anxiety, and for adolescents, young adults, and veterans.

I practice animism, a spiritual belief system based in nature and the idea that all things have a spirit. I enjoy using the word "witch" because it's vague and vast, with plenty of space to expand and explore. I love to use mysterious tools like the tarot and oracle cards to help guide me. I believe in my ancestors and honoring them.

I'm a mentor: I love teaching folks how to see their inherent value, face their fears and pasts, and share my experience about how to build relationships with nature. 

I'm also an artist: I like to work with textiles and block print. My current projects include hand-printed altar cloths and wall art, collage, and daydreams about coloring books for casting spells and learning about animal teachings. You can find my work in the Etsy shop.

I publish writing here on the blog and on Medium, and also co-edit a social justice-oriented publication on Medium for witches called WITCHES RISE. I publish more private musings or series I'm working on for my amazing Patrons on Patreon, where all contribution levels receive access to my work. 

Thanks for visiting - I hope you find something meaningful for you here!