her wild light


we are beings much more complicated
than light and darkness

we are intricate knot works of flesh and bone
hope and despair
love and fear

We are each composites of the elements, our experiences, and inherited ancestral material. In my writing and my art, I aim to gaze deeply into this aspect of the human condition. I see that each of us expands back thousands of years and can be in community with forces that are already there, waiting for us to arrive. We live in a world that does not treat us equally, and does not want us to connect with the ethers beyond our daily awareness. When we survive and thrive, we resist. When we take the risks to know who we are and to be who we are, we resist.

We have the power to choose where we place our attention, and that is the ultimate power—that is the power of magic, the power of witchcraft, the power of revolution. It isn’t some birthright and it isn’t some universal law: it is simply the power of thought, emotion, and action with our communities, both sensed and un-sensed, that drives us forward.

My name is Frankie Rose, and I’m a writer and artist living at the intersections of spirit, society, and self. Through my work, I explore the knotwork of my own experience and those of the beautiful folks who join me. I’d love for you to be one of them.


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