subversive mentorship

I believe that coming to deeply understand our own identities and psyches, and learning to value them more than anything else in the world are the two keys to liberation and the keys to subverting oppressive systems like capitalism, patriarchy, and white supremacy. I want to know what you know about yourself, what you want out of your life, and how you're willing to challenge yourself to get it.

My mentorship might be right for you if you are:

- working to honor a new piece of your identity
- interested in how unconscious beliefs & patterns or contribute to your daily life
- in need of a confidential space to explore topics of identity, psyche, and behavioral patterns
- working to figure out your spiritual path
- working to integrate animism or solitary witchcraft into your daily life

Is this coaching? is this therapy?

While mentorship certainly has a lot in common with coaching and therapy, what I do is different than both. Coaching focuses on the here and now and often also touches on concepts like "mindset" or business advancement. I think we can't actually effectively utilize the here and now without knowing what's hiding out in the "there and then," the murky depths of the unconscious. Our behavioral patterns are informed by those we learned growing up, so there's an integral link that often gets ignored by mindset and spirituality coaches. The concepts of privilege and oppression, power, and the white supremacist cisheteropatriarchy are also important factors in my mentorship style - without understanding how we are affected by these systems, we can't break them. Mindset and spirituality coaches often leave these out of the equation, too.

Therapy, on the other hand, is healthcare-based: run by the demands of insurance companies, therapists are under pressure to diagnose and treat their patients or clients quickly. While I can certainly help you figure out what you're experiencing and what next steps might be useful, I can't diagnose you or provide therapeutic treatment to you. However, my approach has a lot in common with therapy: I believe in validating your emotional experience, meeting you where you are, and believing that you are capable of anything you want to accomplish. 

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how does this work?

I offer two packages to start, both on a sliding scale donation structure. You donate what you can, based on your financial ability, and you get the same support regardless of what you donate. Because I work on donations, there are no refunds: you are choosing to enter into a trusting relationship, and we should both be sure you're confident in that before donating. 

the quick & dirty: $25 - $85

Just want some quick advice? Fill out the Google form provided and donate what you're able. I'll respond via email, and voila - one and done! Expected time and energy on my part: 1-2 hours

little party: $125 - $395

We'll work together three times with this package, in whatever way is most comfortable for you: Skype, phone, or via email. You'll fill out the same Google form, make your donation in full, and decide how you'd like to work together. Expected time and energy on my part: 2-3 hours


If you have any questions at all, please don't hesitate to contact me!