7 Days of Self Love eBook

7 Days of Self Love eBook

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Standard letter size PDF file, 13 pages

Have you come to realize that learning to love yourself will facilitate more success in every single aspect of your life? Are you ready to try some short but powerful activities that will fit into even the busiest schedule? Are you new to the woo, and wondering how to get started working with it?

Then this little eBook gem is just the thing for you. It's a short-and-sweet starter kit for folks looking to cultivate more self-love and willing to do the work. And do you know why you deserve it? Because you deserve to be loved - especially by you.

Each day features an individual activity that can be done in a short period of time, just once or throughout the day. Featuring visualizations, affirmations, and more, 7 Days of Self Love will connect you to your Higher Self straight through your heart.

Published with beautiful graphics and bright colors, this eBook will empower you to step our of your comfort zone and into loving yourself, one day at a time - and all for the investment of a couple lattes.

Go on - you deserve it.

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Thoughts on 7 Days of Self Love

7 Days of Self-Love could easily be titled “A lifetime of joy beginning with 7 daily steps”! Nicole has created a path to greater joy, awareness and self love in an easy to follow and fun to complete guide. I found myself looking forward to the daily exercises and repeating the exercises from previous days without being prompted! I repeated these exercises simply because they felt good! Even in my over-scheduled, information-overloaded life I easily found the time to complete these exercises and I felt quite rejuvenated after the series. Thank you, Nicole, for helping me find my joy and really love myself again!
— Shalin Carter
I don’t promote anyone else’s products unless I absolutely believe in them, and this I absolutely believe in.

What an unexpectedly FANTASTIC little book!

Each day, you’re given a task with an explanation of how to do it and what it’s for. In this beautiful book, Nicole serves up “the woo-woo” with practical, down-to-earth steps, beautifully combined with humour, and kindness.

It doesn’t matter whether you’re a newbie or an old hand to self-development, if your self worth could do with improvement and you need something practical, short and powerful, then 100% this book is for you.
— Lisa Cherry Beaumont, Coach, http://www.lisacherrybeaumont.com/