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Supporting artists, writers, activists, and other independents is one of the quickest ways to effect positive change in the world. This is doubly true when supporting women - especially women of color, queer women, gender-independent women, poor women, and disabled women - whose emotional labor is socially expected for free. If you follow creators who expand your perspective or have provided validation or guidance, consider tipping us!

If you've gained something from my work and you're feeling generous enough to return the energy, tips of all sizes are honored and appreciated! Even $5 makes a difference. Alternatively, you can treat me to a coffee here, or become a monthly supporter on my Patreon, where Patrons get first access to writing or to writing that isn’t published elsewhere (like my Animal Allies series), along with other sweet treats.

Thank you in advance for making it possible for me to continue my work - every drop makes an ocean!

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